Friday, November 11, 2011

What is the price of Remy Martin Cognac wine glasses?

I am helping my friend to sell some Remy Martin wine glasses. But no one else is selling the same glass on ebay or else where. I don't know how much I should set the sell price of each glass. The word of "REMY MARTIN" and "COGNAC" are at the bottom of the glass.

Here are the photos:

They may come as bonus with Remy Martin wine purchase. There is no box left so I will sell them as used and like new.

Anyone can tell me how much the glass is worth for new and for used? Thanks.|||You are confusing wine with Cognac which is a premium Brandy. Remy Martin Louis IV Cognac sells for $1400.00 US per 750 ml bottle. You can buy Louis Martin VS Cogna for $25.00 a bottle. It really depends on which level of Cognac it came with and how old they are. My guess is that they came with the gift sets of a few years back which came free with the Remy Martin XO and sold for about $95.00 with everything including the Cognac. My guess is that if you could get $10.00 a glass you would be lucky.|||1.99|||what are they?|||Some car tyres have 'INDIA' on them - doesn't mean to say they came from India though!|||a penny|||look on ebay|||google it|||probably not worth much. look at ebay and see if you see any of them for sell|||if you will come to know the price let me also know.....

ha ha ha|||check the price of regular wine glasses also if they are crystal then price them a little higher but 10.00 - 15.00 a cup would be doing very good

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