Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Which Conjac you prefer?


Remy Martin

or something else i didnt drink anything diffrent then remy's VSOP and sum hennessy that wanst the cheapest.|||Cognac -- it's been said, you'll get more favorable (and kind) responses if you're careful with your spelling and grammar.

I personally prefer the Courvoisier VSOP to either of the two you've mentioned. Though I think there are others that are even better on the market. It depends on what you can find in your area. Hine makes some good Cognac as well.

If you have to choose between the two, I'd go with the Remy -- though I think it's overpriced for what you get.|||1) Then why did i get "best answer"?

2) You asked our opinion, I gave it to you.

3) I was simply trying to make a suggestion about how your grammar conveys an image about you -- people tend to be harsh toward those who don't proofread.

4) Also, your opinion becomes suspect when you look uneducated.

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|||yuck... beer and alcohol are nasty... I won't waste my money on those junk.|||I like hennesy

But my mother in law bought a bottle of cognac in France and gave it to me dont remember the name but damn it was good 100 times better than henn|||Although I do not drink it, When I cook with it, I prefer hennessy.|||Cognac. It's French, if you're going to drink it, learn to spell it. I don't drink a lot of cognac, but Hennessy is nice. Buy a little bottle of both and decide which one you like better.|||They are both fine cognac brands, if I had to choose I wd go for the Remy, but if you want to sample a real gem try Martell's Cordon Bleu although a little expensive

Cheers|||it's spelled cognac. and of the two i'd rather have hennessy, but given the choice i'd get something from maison surenne instead

Help COGNAC ??

hello !

I want to buy COGNAC like Hennessy or Remy Martin, something like that. ?

but I dont know any website that sell them ?

do you know some ?

I am looking for XO, or VSOP under $500.

thank for help|||for around 350 you can get some 45 ,50 year old cognac,try tastings.com ,they would blow hennessy or remy away.|||You've already blasted through my price range.

I generally consider anything less than a VSOP to be just a brandy, and am easily pleased with a $35 bottle.

Let me know when you buy the great stuff, and I'll be over with my finest crystal snifters and flaring nostrils, bro!|||Try the liquor store, jerky.|||Most XO brands sell in the $100-$120 range (plus tax.) Remy Martin, Hennessey, Courvoisier and Martell are excellent. For $500 you can grab a bottle of each and sample them all.|||Hi,

Hennessy XO is the best. You will get it within the price you mentioned.

Try www.hennessey.com. Or just key in Hennessey XO and search.


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What's your drink of choice?

When I'm out on the town I usually have Long Island Iced Teas. But if I'm home I usually drink Remy Martin.|||Water|||mountain dew|||Jack Daniels with coke or flavoured vodka when i go out..|||Hennessy n Pineapple juice, with a splash of sprite, or if I'm feelin froggy .... on the rocks.|||I love me some Ros茅, nicca.|||Yeah, I'm really liking Long Island's now too.|||If you like that Ice Tea flavor, you should ask to try Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade. You can even do it with water. I'm telling you this stuff IS AWWWWWEEEESSOOMMEE! It is 35 proof too so it's not some pansy drink.

My drink of choice though lately has been Moscato. Used to be the Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade though.|||kool-aid and diet coke|||When I'm out I always like to drink Caesars (extra spicy).

Clamato juice, vodka, and tabasco sauce.....yummm!|||Limoncello, diet coke, or tea.|||3 olives bubble with some sprite %26amp; grenadine.|||Whisky/Whiskey.|||water. I don't participate in underage drinking aha.|||Dark rum coke lime twist, cuba libre

%26gt;_%26lt;|||On special occasions when my best friend comes to visit I make it a point to have some french chilled Champagne (plenty of it) we both truly enjoy it (that is the french is us) She loves a good Cognac also and good Cointreau.(expensives tastes my friend has ! ha ha )

In the summer while on the deck I splurge to some Pastis (hard to find in the US) which is a licorice drink made in France also and watching the news on the french channels..

In the winter I prefer thicker drinks, strong red wines and perhaps a great Martini Rossi ; the wines are with my meals but I do not enjoy drinking the wines alone.

I also like Malaga but go find some in the US ?^^ Malaga is a white sweet wine from Spain or Portugal..

Otherwise I basically drink light beers..|||orange juice|||Hot tea.|||Celery Juice.

Difference between Cognac's???

I am looking at a bottle list and not sure what the difference is between some of the different Cognac's? It has a Courvoisier VS for $375, a Courvoisier XO for $575, Remy Martin for $675, and a Hennessy VS for $400? By the way these are prices for bottle service in San Diego!!! Yea tell me about it!!!|||Cognacs differ mainly in how well they are aged and by grape type. By definition, cognacs must all fit within an extremely narrow band of criteria so there is little room for differentiation. In any case, a lot of different qualities of cognac can be produced from different aging levels. a "VS" designation means that the product was casked for at least 2 years; "VSOP" means 4 years; and "XO" means six years. Combining duration with a few other variables produces a variety of flavors, often at the expense of rare ingredients or long cask times. To an untrained person, most cognacs will taste very similar but an expert will find a truly good cognac to be a wonderful treat.|||Holy crap with the prices! I can Get Remy XO over here for $120. But anyways. Most of the diffrences are going to be in the ages, the blends, and quality. In order from youngest to oldest it goes VS, VSOP, and XO. Usually the XO is more flavorful and with more dimension. Me I prefer Remy XO, but very few places actually have it. Hmm, I forgot where I was going with this. Anyways, check out this wiki page, it gives a some really good info.|||hell drive to the liquer store and save a bundle.. the diffrances are on how they are aged and blended. if I had to chose out of those choices i would take either the remy or the XO unless they have a VSOP then id take that 1...|||I was told 50 years ago

If you can not taste the difference why pay the price

I have Cognac and Brandy ,, should you ask.

Sorry I don't like either.

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Which liquor?

I need to buy one bottle, and one only (preferences are all the same):


Cabo Wabo


Johnny Walker Blue Label

Jose Quervo Reservia de la Familia

Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Knob Hill

Crown Royal Reserve

Remy Martin VSOP|||knob creek !|||Jose Quervo Reservia de la Familia|||Crown Royal Reserve|||Knob Creek (not Hill)

Rare Breed close second

The Cuervo and Johnnie Blue are the most expensive but too woody and tired.

Parton and Cabo- Big names, small quality.

Crown Reserve-blaugh, If you knew the crap that went into Crown you would never buy it.

Hennessy and Remy are good but still negociant Cognacs. Nothing like good estate stuff.|||Go with the Remy Martin!|||Johnny walker!|||Wild Turkey Rare Breed.