Saturday, November 19, 2011

How much is this bottle of cognac worth?

I was given a bottle of Remy Martin fine champagne cognac V.S.O.P and I don't like it. To me it tastes like cheap whiskey. (good times or kessler's) Maybe it's just my ignorance. I want to dump it out but I don't want to waste something worth any amount of money. What's it worth??????

it also says "AOC fine champagne controlee"|||cognac is a very fine grape brandy produced in cognac region in western France.

grades are based on age they are as followed

V.S = very special

V.S.O.P = very superior old pale

X.O = extra old

so you have a rather nice mid grade cognac. price will vary from state to state and weather your purchasing it from liquor store or by glass..... i sell Remy martin for $15/ glass that is with taxes, and gratuity included..........although it is a fine beverage to enjoy in a snifter or over ice, it is an acquired taste!|||Im pretty sure that bottle is worth around $40|||I sell the 750ml size for $40. I'm in NYC.|||If you have opened it give it to someone that will apreciate it. It is not very exspencive for connac though.|||In Canada that bottle unopened (750ml) would be around $55-60

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